Bridging Skills | How Teaching Prepared Swietenia for a Tech Career Pivot

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Episode Summary

Swietenia sheds light on the invaluable transferable skills she carried from her teaching days into her tech roles, emphasizing adaptability, resilience, and the art of continuous learning. By the episode's end, listeners are sure to be inspired by Swietenia's journey, recognizing the potential within to merge passions, skills, and drive to carve unique paths in any industry. 

  • (00:00) - Intro | Embrace The Pivot Learning Curve
  • (03:21) - Discovering Her Love for Teaching
  • (05:24) - From Educator to Tech Maven
  • (09:58) - The Power Of Coaching and Self-awareness
  • (16:20) - Embracing Change and the Learning Curve
  • (18:57) - How Teaching Prepared Swietenia for a Tech Revolution
  • (22:26) - You Don’t Have To Do It Alone
  • (23:28) - Misconceptions About Coaching
  • (26:06) - Growing in Resiliency, Authenticity, Self Compassion
  • (29:01) - Journaling and The Power of Positive Self Talk
  • (30:53) - Inclusive Leadership
  • (32:38) - Rapid-fire Closing
  • (34:11) - Be Present
  • (34:46) - Outro

Swietenia’s Bio

Swietenia Palacios is a bilingual sales professional with a passion for tech and personal development. Serving as a Bilingual Account Executive at SpotOn, she customizes future-ready tech solutions for businesses. Previously a standout Sales Development Representative at BetterUp, she's also a Certified Life Coach with Dharma Coaching Institute, aiding individuals to find their true purpose. Before her tech journey, Swietenia demonstrated leadership as a High School Teacher with KIPP Texas Public Schools and was a part of Teach For America. An alumnus of The University of Texas at Austin's Red McCombs School of Business, Swietenia also enjoys traveling, yoga, and dancing. Connect with her for insights on emerging tech and wellness recommendations.

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Bridging Skills | How Teaching Prepared Swietenia for a Tech Career Pivot
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