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Episode Summary

In this episode, we feature the incredible story of Aaron, an underrepresented professional in the tech industry. Aaron shares his journey of growing up in McAllen, navigating personal challenges, and ultimately making a pivot into tech. His story is inspiring and showcases the power of resilience and self-discovery.

After initially pursuing a pre-med track in college, Aaron realized that medicine was not his true passion. He made the pivot into tech sales and found fulfillment in a startup environment. He emphasizes the importance of self-reflection, knowing one's worth, and seeking opportunities to network and build relationships. Aaron also highlights the power of community and the impact it can have on personal and professional growth.

Throughout the episode, Aaron shares valuable insights and advice for underrepresented professionals looking to advance in their careers or make a career pivot. He encourages individuals to be intentional in their networking efforts, seek out mentors, and embrace opportunities for personal and professional development. Aaron's story serves as an inspiration for others to overcome challenges, find their passion, and create their own path to success.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it. And if you find it valuable, please consider sharing it with your network. Together, we can inspire and empower underrepresented professionals in the tech industry. 

  • (00:00) - The Importance of Networking and Intentionality
  • (01:05) - Introduction to the Podcast and Guest
  • (03:33) - Aaron's Early Life and Challenges
  • (04:47) - Overcoming Personal Trauma and Building Empathy
  • (07:21) - The Power of Self-Reflection and Personal Development
  • (09:35) - The Decision to Pivot Away from a Medical Career
  • (13:21) - The Impact of Relationships and Personal Growth
  • (21:14) - The Journey into Tech and the Value of Diverse Experiences
  • (25:25) - The Challenges and Rewards of a Sales Career
  • (26:16) - The Importance of Selling and the Role of SDR
  • (26:57) - Resilience and Mindset in Sales
  • (27:30) - Transitioning into Tech and Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
  • (28:22) - The Power of Self-Reflection and Personal Struggles
  • (30:21) - The Importance of Self-Worth
  • (31:17) - The Impact of Social Media on Self-Worth
  • (32:17) - The Influence of American Dream and Material Success
  • (34:00) - The Importance of Networking and Building Relationships
  • (41:06) - The Power of Community and LinkedIn Presence
  • (49:38) - Closing Thoughts and Advice for Underrepresented Backgrounds

Aaron’s Bio

Aaron Barreiro leverages over six years of experience in revenue and customer service leadership, primarily within the SaaS and startup sectors, to drive significant growth and operational excellence. As the current lead for GTM and Customer Success at Poseidon, Aaron has been pivotal in refining sales processes and enhancing customer engagement, demonstrating a tangible impact on revenue and market positioning. His tenure at Concord Project Technologies Inc. showcased his ability to manage full-cycle sales opportunities and client relationships on a global scale, including a key enterprise contract with Shell.

In addition to his corporate achievements, Aaron founded 1Strive, focusing on leadership development across all educational and professional levels. His role with Colorwave underscores his commitment to diversity and access in the innovation industry. Aaron also contributes to Herald, assisting brands in messaging, branding, and growth marketing to achieve their strategic goals.

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Medical Biology from The University of Texas-Pan American and is proficient in Spanish. His certifications include Recruiting Foundations, Negotiation Skills, Social Media Marketing, and Establishing Credibility as a Speaker, reflecting his diverse skill set and dedication to professional development. Aaron is passionate about building communities, remote work's social impact, and sharing insights on LinkedIn, encouraging meaningful discourse on innovation and societal impact.

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Building a Strong Network and Finding Opportunities | Aaron's Path into Tech
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