Emma Lo's Journey from Cancer Labs to Business Success

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Episode Summary

Conversation with Emma Lo about her career journey.

  • (00:00) - Intro | pivot and learn from your failures
  • (02:40) - Emma’s childhood memories growing up in Taiwan
  • (07:03) - Moving to Canada and becoming a cancer researcher
  • (17:26) - Pivoting from cancer researches into business
  • (21:27) - Emma’s love for photography
  • (26:26) - It’s not enough to run experiments, you gotta tell the story
  • (33:26) - Shifting identities; your titles and achievements don’t represent you
  • (38:08) - Customer success is a trusted advisor
  • (42:43) - Continuous learning and investing in yourself
  • (48:23) - The power of what if
  • (51:55) - Pivot and learn from your failures
  • (53:26) - Outro

Emma’s Bio

Emma Lo is a dedicated professional with a strong commitment to prioritizing people and human well-being, transitioning from a background in cancer research to her current role as a successful businesswoman.

With 13 years of experience as a results-driven revenue leader, Emma has consistently led customer success, marketing, and operations teams to achieve remarkable outcomes in high-growth industries. Her track record includes driving revenue growth, enhancing customer retention, and improving service offerings.

Emma's leadership has been pivotal in building support, marketing, and customer success teams that embrace a customer-centric culture, contributing to revenue surpassing $35 million in a Series B-funded venture. She excels in developing and implementing customer-centric strategies, elevating revenue growth, and optimizing customer experiences.

In addition to her impressive business career, Emma possesses over a decade of experience in healthcare research, collaborating effectively with patients, industry professionals, and clinical physicians in the fields of drug development and personalized medicine.

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Emma Lo's Journey from Cancer Labs to Business Success
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