From Tragedy to Triumph | Tanya's Journey Through Loss and Career Transformation

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  • (00:00) - A Personal Tragedy: Turning Pain into Power
  • (01:04) - Introduction to the Podcast: Beyond the Job Title
  • (02:53) - Journey into Tech: The Transition from Full-Time Parent to Health Coach
  • (03:19) - The Decision to Take a Career Break: Balancing Parenthood and Professional Life
  • (08:48) - Returning to the Workforce: The Unexpected Path to Customer Success
  • (22:06) - Dealing with Stress and Anxiety: A Personal Story
  • (23:56) - The Power of Meditation and Intuition
  • (24:29) - Confronting Imposter Syndrome
  • (28:51) - The Importance of Mentorship and Building a Network
  • (35:49) - Sharing Personal Stories and Overcoming Tragedy
  • (41:03) - Career Advice and Final Thoughts

Episode Summary

Tanya’s journey through personal tragedy, career breaks, and a triumphant return to the tech industry is nothing short of inspiring.

Here are 4 highlights from our conversation:

🎙️ Turning Tragedy into Triumph

Tanya shares the heart-wrenching story of losing her father in a car accident, a day after returning from studying abroad. This pivotal moment led her to write "The Unthinkable," a story about finding the hidden gifts life offers, even amidst trauma. Her tale is a testament to the human spirit's resilience and the transformative power of acceptance and gratitude.

🚀 From Full-Time Parent to Customer Success Maven

After a six-year hiatus dedicated to full-time parenting and becoming a health coach, Tanya leaped back into the tech world, landing in the field of customer success. She discusses the challenges of re-entering the workforce, the strategies that helped her succeed, and how her background in wellness unexpectedly became her edge in tech.

💡 Mentorship, Diversity, and Building Effective Teams

Tanya also delves into the importance of mentorship, embracing diversity, and the art of building inclusive, effective teams. Her approach to leadership—listening for the minority voice and fostering an environment where everyone is heard—is a lesson in empathy and empowerment.

📚 A Story of Courage and Career Transformation

This episode is a must-listen for anyone facing career transitions, seeking mentorship, or simply looking for a dose of motivation. Tanya's story is a powerful reminder that with courage and a willingness to reach out, incredible growth is possible.

Don't miss out on this profound conversation. Tune in to learn, grow, and be inspired. 

Remember, your journey is unique, and your voice matters.

🎧 Listen now and join us on this transformative journey at Beyond the Job Title.

To staying resilient and grateful,
Cesar Romero

P.S. If Tanya's story resonates with you or you have your own experiences to share, we'd love to hear from you. Shoot me an email or reach out via LinkedIn. 

Tanya’s Bio

Tanya is a results-oriented professional with a strong track record in enhancing customer satisfaction and retention. She excels in leading high-performing teams, specializing in delivering superior support and driving revenue growth. Her expertise lies in devising customer success strategies that align with business objectives and improving the end-to-end customer journey, often exceeding retention and satisfaction targets.

An adept communicator, Tanya is committed to building strong client relationships, ensuring their success through the strategic use of data-driven insights for continuous improvement in customer experience. She currently manages a portfolio with an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of $38 million across 140 accounts, achieving an average Net Revenue Retention (NRR) rate of over 100%. Leading a team of six strategic Customer Success Managers, she empowers them to meet their objectives and progress in their careers.

Tanya's mission is to foster world-class customer success organizations that emphasize value, satisfaction, and loyalty, making significant strides in achieving business goals through dedicated customer success efforts.

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From Tragedy to Triumph | Tanya's Journey Through Loss and Career Transformation
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