Growing And Thriving Through Transitions: Insights from Ashna's Transformative Experiences | BJT16

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Episode Summary

Ashna Patel and her journey, spanning from her Indian roots to her flourishing career in the USA, stands as a testament to adaptability and resilience. We delved into the challenges of navigating change, the profound impact of mentors and coaches, strategies for seizing opportunities within the tech sphere, navigation imposter syndrome, embracing one's mistakes as a pathway to growth, and much more.

  • (00:00) - Intro | remember what helped you get to where you are today
  • (03:10) - Who is Ashna and What Is Her Mission?
  • (04:23) - From India to USA | A Journey of Adaptation
  • (10:32) - You Are Not Alone
  • (12:23) - Pivoting to Tech And Customer Success
  • (15:20) - Unlocking Opportunities | Is SDR Your Gateway to the Tech World?
  • (18:32) - Navigating Imposter Syndrome
  • (24:01) - Own Your Mistakes
  • (29:10) - Mentors and coaches can help you grow and get to the next stage in your career
  • (34:14) - Advice for those looking to pivot into Customer Success
  • (39:38) - Adapting to the new economy and AI disruption
  • (43:32) - Rapid-fire Round
  • (48:39) - Outro

Ashna’s Bio

Ashna is a Customer Success Leader, Founder, Writer, Speaker, and Emotionally Intelligent Coach. Over the last 7 years, she’s been focused on being a team leader, creating noteworthy strategies, and optimizing CS processes. Ashna has been honored to be one of the Top 25 Customer Success Influencers of 2021 by SuccessHACKER/Gain Grow Retain/Client Success. She Co-Founded CS Insider, CS Ladies, and CS Raving Fan Bookclub. Currently, she’s working as a Customer Success & Customer Support Manager at Ascent Cloud. 

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Growing And Thriving Through Transitions: Insights from Ashna's Transformative Experiences | BJT16
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