Know Your Worth and Achieve Your Goals | Julie Fox's Journey in the Tech Industry

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Episode Summary

Get ready for an inspiring conversation about growth mindset, career transition, overcoming imposter syndrome, the power of mentors and feedback, and more. So sit back, relax, and let's dive Beyond The Job Title with Julie Fox!

  • (00:00) - Intro | taking control of your own story
  • (03:09) - Laid off while on maternity leave
  • (09:10) - Shift from victim to growth mindset
  • (12:21) - Transitioning into tech without tech experience
  • (13:58) - Discovering customer success through mentorship
  • (15:54) - Don’t let rejection stop you from what you want
  • (22:01) - Nobody has all the answers
  • (24:45) - Transitioning from an individual contributor to a leadership role
  • (27:08) - Take a pay cut but have a plan for your next growth move
  • (33:06) - The importance of team feedback for growth and improvement
  • (34:44) - Scaling customer success
  • (40:31) - closing
  • (44:02) - Don't hesitate to seek help while on your journey
  • (45:23) - Outro

Julie’s Bio

Julie Fox resides in Indiana with her husband and their two children. She currently holds the position of Senior Manager of Customer Success at FloQast, a premier company known for its accounting workflow automation software tailored specifically for accountants. Before joining FloQast, Julie served as the Manager of CS at Greenlight Guru. Outside the realm of technology, she has demonstrated her leadership capabilities by taking on significant roles, including those of VP of Services and Director of Operations.

In 2023, Julie was honored as one of the Top 25 Creative Customer Success Leaders. With a forward-looking vision, she aspires to be part of speaking engagements and podcasts over the coming years and aims to mentor a greater number of individuals. Julie is not just an accomplished professional; she's a fervent leader with a dedication to scaling teams and nurturing individual growth.

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Cesar Romero
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Julie Fox
Julie Fox
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Know Your Worth and Achieve Your Goals | Julie Fox's Journey in the Tech Industry
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