The Future Demands Nonlinear Careers With Coho’s CEO, Mindaugas Petrutis | BJT13

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Episode Summary

We are joined by Mindaugas Petrutis, the visionary founder of Coho, a thriving professional community that fosters empowering connections and learning cohorts in various fields, including data science, design, and marketing. Throughout our insightful conversation, Mindaugas takes us on a transformative journey, unraveling the path that led him to the helm of Coho as CEO, and shares invaluable insights on thriving in uncertainty and seizing career opportunities.

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (04:11) - Empowering Connections: The Journey of Coho's Professional Community
  • (10:07) - Mindaugas' Journey to CEO of Coho
  • (14:46) - Fueling Long-Term Success: Mindaugas' Career Mindset Uncovered
  • (16:59) - Embracing Failure: Mindaugas' Most Painful Learning Experience
  • (21:10) - Thriving in Uncertainty: Embracing Nonlinear Career Paths
  • (33:08) - Seizing Opportunities: Mindaugas' Key to Personal and Professional Growth
  • (35:22) - Outro

Mindaugas’s Bio

Mindaugas Petrutis (ex-InVision, ex-On Deck) is the founder of Coho, leading community-based cohorts in learning data science, design, marketing, and more. He founded On Deck's Design Fellowship and was the Head of EMEA Community at InVision. He loves building relationships, connecting the dots between humans, systems, and problems and simplifying complex ideas. Mindaugus is currently based in Lisbon 🇵🇹 with his rescue dogs, Rina and Mya.

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Cesar Romero
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Mindaugas Petrutis
Mindaugas Petrutis
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The Future Demands Nonlinear Careers With Coho’s CEO, Mindaugas Petrutis | BJT13
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