Unlocking Authenticity, Longevity, and Growth in Your Career Path with Jen Allen-Knuth | BJT14

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Episode Summary

Join us in this insightful podcast episode as we sit down with the remarkable Jen Allen-Knuth, aka DemandJen, as we explore the essence of Jen's mission and the art of crafting a career path that's marked by authenticity, longevity, and growth.

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (02:20) - Who is Jen and What Is Her Mission?
  • (03:52) - The Power Of Having Mentors That Care About Your Growth
  • (06:15) - Advocating for Yourself And Unleashing Your Hidden Talents
  • (08:21) - Conquering Imposter Syndrome
  • (10:22) - Crafting Your Career Path For Longevity and Growth
  • (15:49) - Do The Job Before It’s Official
  • (16:42) - Leaving a Lasting Impression With an Impactful Presence
  • (18:41) - Leaning Into The Fear Of Public Speaking
  • (22:22) - Losing In Sales And Lessons Learned From It
  • (25:55) - Stepping into Change | Jen's Stepmom Perspective
  • (30:08) - The Cost Of Inaction
  • (33:38) - Rapid-Fire Closing
  • (40:33) - Outro

Jen’s Bio

Jen Allen-Knuth, aka DemandJen, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of sales, community growth, and strategic partnerships. She's currently making waves as the Head of Community Growth at Lavender, the go-to AI email assistant that helps you craft emails that stand out from the crowd. Jen's previous journey includes a stellar tenure as the Chief Evangelist at Challenger, during which she masterminded demand creation and spearheaded the "Winning the Challenger Sale" series. Her extensive career spans strategic advisory roles, sales leadership, keynote speaker, and a rich history of propelling teams to exceed expectations. 

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Cesar Romero
Cesar Romero
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Jen Allen-Knuth
Jen Allen-Knuth
Community Growth @ Lavender | aka DemandJen | SKO & Event Speaker | Co-Host, Jen vs. Will
Unlocking Authenticity, Longevity, and Growth in Your Career Path with Jen Allen-Knuth | BJT14
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