Do The Job Before You Ask For It and 9 Other Lessons From The First Twenty Episodes

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Episode Summary

Part two of sharing one lesson from each of the first twenty episodes. Enjoy!

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (01:36) - Be Open To Opportunities | Mindaugas Petrutis
  • (02:43) - Doing The Job I Wanted Before I Had The Job | Jen Allen-Knuth
  • (04:28) - You Don't Need to Ask For Permission | Albert Chun
  • (05:17) - Your Career Is Not Your Career | Hannah Brotherthon
  • (06:29) - Think About What Has Helped You Get to Where You Are Today | Ashna Patel
  • (07:30) - Be Willing to Pivot | Emma Lo
  • (07:54) - Identify The Things That You Don’t Want | Maria Joyner
  • (08:52) - Embrace The Learning Curve | Swietenia Palacios
  • (09:32) - Take Control Of Your Story | Julie Fox
  • (10:18) - Go, Have Fun, And Pull Your Friends Along | Matt Wilson
  • (11:01) - Outro


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Do The Job Before You Ask For It and 9 Other Lessons From The First Twenty Episodes
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